The DOCK: After School Program

Monday through Thursday from 3-5pm

All middle and high school students are welcome to join us Monday through Thursday to hangout with your squad, eat some food, a chance to chill, and designated time to discover God.  We have pool tables, basketball, board games, crafts, learning lab, and a lot more to keep you busy after school.  We also share the hope of Jesus Christ every day we are open through Bible story, testimony, video, or music. Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, Steve Roobol (DOCK Director) will guide us through the scriptures in hope to establish a daily relationship with Jesus Christ.  Each day at 3:25pm we have our daily devotions.  Immediately following, we serve a delicious and usually homemade snack. Get ready!! Come hungry!! Bring friends!! Doors open at 3:05pm for registration and check-in! 

The DOCK 2

tutoring 1

Learning Lab

Do you need help with your homework?  Do you need to get better grades?  Are you behind in some of your classes?  The Learning Lab is for you!  The Learning Lab is designed to connect students with tutors at NO COST to the students or the parents! each tutor is interviewed and selected by the director of The DOCK Ministries. Our hope and vision is to place a tutor with a small group of students who are needing some extra guidance in school.  The sessions are 20 minutes and they start at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm Monday - Thursday. The student can sign up as often as needed or desired. Please understand that this is NOT a mandatory program.  We cannot force the students to participate. Because we are serious about the grades and the students success in school, this program will be monitored by parent, teacher, student, and tutor on a monthly basis.  We cannot do this program alone. So, if you feel led and called to be a tutor, please click on Learning Lab for more information about becoming a tutor.




2017-2018 School year:
Accelerate meets at Kelloggsville High School during the lunch periods to teach the students valuable leadership skills that will impact them for the rest of their lives. This schoool year, we will be working with the selected students using the teachings from Dr. Tim Elmore. He wrote a series of leadership books called, Habitudes: Images that Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes. Although Dr. Elmore is a Christian writer, these lessons are geared and written for the general public. 
The four areas of focus for this year are: The Art of  Engaging Communication; The Art of Self-Leadership; The Art of Engaging Community, The Art of Changing Culture
Accelerate students are nominated by their teachers. The session consists of a 40min leadership lab that meets during the lunch hour on Thursdays. This is no cost to the student or the school. The DOCK Ministries provides for their food, all materials and curriculum.  


Monday - Thursday 3:25-3:40

Jesus speaks to his followers about spending time with the Heavenly Father reading and studying His Word. We are excited to begin a new series for 2017/2018 school year which is: Culture Shock -  Living out the Life of Christ

We will be going through the Book of John using a verse by verse method. Every week, we will be focusing on a "life lesson" or a "hot topic" that brings a truth from the Word of God and will give students clear understanding, direction and practical application to their current situation.